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  • No need for bus or long unsafe walking. No need to carry heavy books or lunch. Learn safely at home where you can see whats happening. The academy uses qualified teachers with good pronunciation. Normal homework’s, examinations and grading are carried out. Student record and certificates are presented, and they can finish with IELTS, TOEFL ibt, TOEIC etc.

Brief History of Christchurch Virtual English Training Academy

  • Christchurch Virtual English Training Academy started in 2004 under the name of Global Impact as a Student based inspiration program by Dr Len Royal. After his completion of works in Beijing International Youth University, Chungnam University in South Korea, and Private institutions in Asia. It started with English as a Second Language curriculum together with a goal to educate the whole person with genuine desires to build a confident person with a strong foundation to achieve a superb educational success. The curriculum is designed to teach English in all major subjects. Christchurch Virtual English Training Academy holds the goal of facing life’s challenges, through an intensive curriculum, based upon physical, social and spiritual training.


  • To develop the full potential of a person to become a healthy, functionally literate, morally responsible, active participant in an economic, political, and sociology-cultural environment within a humane and productive society.

Mission Statement

  • Christchurch Virtual English Training Academy is a non-sectarian, private institution, committed to the wholesome development of a person by providing a quality and advanced education for the benefit of students, who shall be equipped with knowledge, skills, habits, and attitudes for active and successful participation in the community, built on the Principal of (In God, People, the Environment, and the World).

The Team

  • President Len Royal has and is persevering in lifting Christchurch Virtual English Training Academy into what it is today and its future. Giving the best to students from varying parts of the world and preparing them in a whole way to take their active part in society and mankind. The success of Christchurch Virtual English Training Academy is not just a vision but is the way forward in this modern world of technology and reality.