Grade. 2

Pre elementoryGrade 2 Curriculum

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Everyday Spelling:
Unit 1:
WORDS WITH dr, sc, ft, nk
WORDS WITH ch, sh, th, ng
ADDING -ed AND -ing

Unit 2:
SUFFIXES –ful, -ly, AND –ness
SUFFIXES -er, -or, AND -ist
Listening to spelling from intonation.

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Chapter 1: Life on a Farm
Chapter 2: Life on a City
Chapter 3: How You Use Light
Chapter 4: What Light Can Do
Chapter 5: How You Make Sound
Chapter 6: How You Use Sound
Chapter 7: Plants, Animals, and Climate
Chapter 8: Weather and People
Chapter 9: What Shelters Are Made Of
Chapter 10: How Shelters Are Built
Chapter 11: Changing the Earth
Chapter 12: Pollution

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Unit A: Life Science
Chapter 1: How Plants Live and Grow
Chapter 2: How Animals Grow and Change
Chapter 3: Living Things and Their Environments
Chapter 4: Changing Environments

Unit B: Physical Science
Chapter 1: Matter and How It Changes
Chapter 2: Forces, Machines, and Work
Chapter 3: Energy in Your World
Chapter 4: Sound
Unit C: Earth Science
Chapter 1: Changes in the Earth’s Surface
Chapter 2: Materials of the Earth
Chapter 3: The Sun, Planets, and Moon
Chapter 4: Clouds and Storms
Unit D: Human Body
Chapter 1: The Body’s System
Chapter 2: Staying Healthy

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Social Studies:
Adventure in the Americas
A Citizen of the United Sates
Do I really Need It?
Exploring a New World
From Sea to Shining Sea
Land and Water: How Geography Affects Our Communities
The Places Where We Live
Regions and Resources
Save It or Spend It?
Starting America: Thomas Jefferson and His Writings
Thomas Jefferson: A Man of Ideas
We Are Part of This Place
What Is My Economy Like?
What It Means to Be a Citizen
Where Does That Come From?
A Whole New World
Why We Live Where We Live

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Unit One
1. How Computers work
2. How the Mouse Functions
3. Changing the Size of Your Window
4. Changing the Desktop Background
5. Screen Saver
6. Named Screen Saver
7. Unit One Applications
Unit Two
1. Paint
2. Components of Paint Screen
3. Applications in Paint
4. Drawing with Colored Pencil and Spray
5. Saving Files
6. Opening a Saved File
7. Unit Tow Applications
Uni Three
1. Word Processing
2. Components of Word Processing Screen
3. Typing English / Arabic
4. Typing the English Alphabet Capitals and Small Letters
5. Formatting Letters
6. Typing Letters
7. Characteristics of Letters
8. Unit Three Applications

Certificate II Module 1:  C2MathI – Mathematics Introduction (Part A & B)

Certificate II Module 2:  C2PC1 – Keyboarding Techniques and Operation

Certificate II Module 3:  C2PCF– Computer Operations (Fundamentals)

Certificate II Module 4:  C2PC2 – Computer Operations

Certificate II Module 5:  C2WPF – Word Processing Functions